Pegasus Air, Aircraft Charter Company, Sydney, NSW, Australia“I’ve had the pleasure of engaging Pegasus Air and utilising their Pilatus PC12 many times.

Our needs have required travel at the bottom of the scale to unimproved runway sites like Phillip Island Airstrip, and to a variety of International airports including Sydney or Townsville, and literally everything in between. Every time the service has been fantastic – fast, efficient and very importantly – completely flexible.

It’s an amazing machine the PC12, we’ve easily carried large amounts of baggage, heaps of equipment and a bunch of people, yet we’ve been high above the weather in total comfort and travelling at 500 km/h or more. It takes corporate and general aviation charter travel to totally new levels of safety and performance.

I only wish all my travel was with these guys…”

Neil Crompton – Commentator – Seven Network/V8TV


“I mostly travel to destinations where commercial airlines cannot operate and the drive from the major airfield adds hours to the trip. Light twin engine aircraft are also not an option as I still require the safety and comfort of travelling in a pressurised, turbine aircraft.

Pegasus is able to combine the executive service with the ability to operate on shorter airfields. Being able to take off on 550 metres and then cruise in the high flight levels is quite an experience, I recommend it”.

Sean Howard, Founder, OzEmail Internet Services.

“I’ve used Pegasus PC-12 for several private charters within Australia. I’m very impressed with the smooth and quiet nature of the aircraft and professionalism of the crew. As my timetable often moves, Pegasus are able to provide a much more flexible, convenient and cost effective alternative to commercial airlines.

I’ll continue to use Pegasus Air and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone else”

David Paradice, Paradice Investment Management.